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“Our customers acquire their consumer experience not at the time of purchase, but for years of impeccable service of our products”



Our company is a close-knit team of professionals. Each of us knows his business well and loves his work. We have come a long way and have created a truly high-quality product that has been appreciated by our customers and partners around the world. Hapstone is a business, over which we work with great enthusiasm and pleasure. We are confident that every product that has come down from our production line will serve reliably throughout its life. We are constantly developing and we are moving forward to become better for you.

There is no such thing as a "forever sharp knife." Regardless of the intensity and manner of use, each knife needs regular maintenance. Proper sharpening of the knife is extremely important, since it directly affects its durability and usability. For more than seven years we have been producing universal devices that allow us to carry out professional professional sharpening of knives at home. We take care of ensuring that each of our customers is satisfied and its process, and the result.

There are many methods and devices for sharpening knives. Some require patience and long skills development, others are available even to the most inexperienced beginners. One of the main products that have come down from our production line is the universal tool for sharpening knives of Hapstone Pro, which does not require special skills. Due to its high efficiency and the perfect price / performance ratio, Hapstone Pro has won the confidence of even the most demanding customers. We guarantee the reliability of each of our devices and support from our side for the duration of its use.


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