Precise angle adjuster for Hapstone R1/R2/M3/V8

Precise angle adjuster for Hapstone R1/R2/M3/V8

  • $120.00

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Optimize your sharpening experience with the new Precise angle adjuster for Hapstone.

Combining durability, convenience and precision, this module provides the highest level of control over sharpening angle to achieve perfect results.


High quality materials:

Hull is made of lightweight and aircraft aluminum with anodizing for scratch and corrosion resistance.

The screw shaft is made of stainless steel, which gives the module corrosion resistance and provides smooth movement with a secure hold.

Linear ball-bearing pivot:

The linear ball-bearing provides extra smooth shaft movement and requires no lubrication or cleaning.

Wide range of angles:

The module provides infinitely adjustable sharpening angle with a range of 9 to 35 degrees, allowing you to choose the best angle for each type of knife.

Convenient horizontal guide parking:

The advanced parking mechanism ensures that the guide is conveniently locked in place, and provides comfort when sharpening knives.

Compatible with Hapstone R1/R2/V8:

The module easily installs on the Hapstone R1/R2/M3/V8, expanding the functionality of your sharpening facility. Maximize your sharpening control.

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