Roll Bag for stones Hapstone

Roll Bag for stones Hapstone

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The Hapstone 6 Sharpening Stone Storage Bag is a quality and durable accessory designed to store and transport your sharpening stones. The bag is made of durable 600 D nylon, which protects the stones from damage and maintains the bag's stable shape.The bag has a convenient design with pockets to hold six sharpening stones. 

This sharpening stone storage bag from Hapstone is ideal for professional craftsmen and hobbyists who value the quality and reliability of their tools. It fits easily into a backpack or pouch and provides safe and convenient transportation of sharpening stones to any location.


  •         Color: black
  •         Material: Nylon
  •         Number of storage compartments: 6
  •         Stones format: 150x25 (12) mm, both with and without blanks.
  •         Organizer size: 360x170mm

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