Ceramic and diamond grinding abrasive whetstones

Ceramic grinding stones are most often made of aluminum oxide (corundum) or silicon carbide (carborundum) and a bonding agent. These include Borid stones, Shapton stones, etc. Boride stones are easy to use and care for. Universal set of Boride stones (from 150 to 5000 grit) is made taking into account all stages of sharpening and is suitable for knives of any steel. At the same time they may have defects in the form of saw marks on the working surface or insignificant chips.

Shapton Pro stones represent the fifth generation of professional sharpening materials with the necessary density and high abrasiveness. Properly sized Shapton Pro stones allow them to be used in Hapstone Pro, Apex Edge Pro, and other knife sharpeners. Ceramic abrasives have the advantage of uniform wear and price, although they are best suited for finishing.

Diamond abrasive sharpening stones are made of diamond grit of different grit sizes. Their main advantages are high durability, strength and speed of sharpening. At the same time, they form an aggressive cutting edge, which leads to accelerated wear, formation of microcracks, chipping and, consequently, shortening the life of the knife.

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