Control tools

Digital Video Microscope 4К HDMI/USB with Adjustable Arm

The 48MP video microscope with 4K HDMI and USB is the ideal tool for continuous monitoring of the sh..


25-mm Loupe with LED

Triplet Loupe is the simplest tool of optic control of knife sharpening. A loupe gives the ability..


Portable digital microscope x1000

This digital microscope allows you to see even the smallest details in high resolution, right on you..


USB HD Digital Microscope x1000

Digital USB microscope 1000X Digital Microscope - USB is a compact moderndevice that is able to magn..


Digital microscope 1-1600X 4,3" inch HD LCD display

Digital microscope 1-1600X  It features a built-in 4.3 inch LCD display, so it doesn’t require ..


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Control tools