Honing oils

Gunny Magic OTF Lube (15ml)

Gunny Magic is a new lubricant from Scott Gunn, the creator of the legendary Gunny Glide. Gunny Magi..


Gunny Shines Stone Cleaner and Lubricant 140 ml

Gunny Shines is a new game-changing stone cleaner & honing fluid. Gunny Shines is a graphene/TiO..


Bori-Lube 10 (100ml)

Bori-Lube 10 is a proprietary cutting fluid (coolant) developed by BORIDE Engineered Abrasives (USA)..


Boride premium stoning oil (100ml)

Liquid for abrasive processing PREMIUM STONING OIL is practically odorless, non-toxic, and, unlike c..


Dan's Honing Oil (85ml)

Dan’s Honing Oil is recommended to be used with sharpening stones during and after sharpening. ..


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Honing oils