Universal Stone Holder for KME

Universal Stone Holder for KME

  • $54.00

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The new revision  of the stone holder is equipped with auto-aligning jaws, a digital angle gauge holder, and a stone-changing pin.

Owners of KME sharpeners were always limited by sharpening stones form-factor. The Universal Stone Holder overcomes the limitation. As of today, you may use thousands of existing sharpening stones. Your life will change forever.

Universal Stone Holder for KME allows using ANY rectangular sharpening stones and Edge Pro format stones. The minimum stone length - 3.5" (90 mm).

Examples of stones suitable for Universal Stone Holder:

  • Spyderco triangle-shaped stones
  • Dual-sided Venev diamonds
  • Spyderco DoubleStuff stones
  • Fallkniven DC4 diamonds

Important! Before you make a purchase, please keep in mind the Universal Stone Holder cannot eliminate fundamental constraints of the knife sharpener, and the stroke will be limited by the knife sharpener design. For instance, the maximum stroke length for KME is approximately 4" even if 6" stone is attached.

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