Planeshift Clamps Upgrade for WSPA

Planeshift Clamps Upgrade for WSPA

  • $78.00


Hapstone PlaneShift Series includes components of Hapstone RS (such as stone holders or clamp system) adopted for other sharpening systems: PPA, WSPA, Wicked Edge.

Single-clamp knife sharpeners have consistently been less adaptable than multi-clamp systems when it comes to sharpening various blades, for instance, fillet knives. The Planeshift Clamps Upgrade offers a dual-clamp solution that is compatible with both Work Sharp Precision Adjust and KME knife sharpeners.

How to Use

Attention! To work with the clamps, a 3-mm hex screwdriver is required (not included).

Note. Partial disassembly of the WSPA sharpener is required. It may void the warranty.

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