Thickness Compensator Hapstone R2/V8

Thickness Compensator Hapstone R2/V8

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Thickness Compensator serves as a handy tool for maintaining your chosen sharpening angle when working with sharpening stones of varying thicknesses on Hapstone  sharpeners. It is not advisable to rely solely on a collection of stones with a single thickness as a long-term solution. With a wide variety of excellent stones available in different thicknesses, there's no need to limit your options.

What is the problem with keeping stones of different thicknesses? 

When you switch between stones of varying thickness on your sharpener, it can alter the angle of the horizontal shaft if left unregulated, potentially compromising your sharpening results. The thickness compensator serves as an anchor, ensuring a consistent sharpening angle.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Inner Diameter: 8 mm
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Hapstone (all except V7), similar systems with shaft diameter 8mm.

How to Use:

  1. When assembling your sharpener, position the thickness compensator on the vertical shaft.
  2. Start by inserting the first stone into the sharpener and set your desired sharpening angle.
  3. Then, place the thickness compensator in the working position and secure it using the thumb screw. The working position is below the pivot point.
  4. The distance between the thickness compensator and the pivot should match the thickness of the stone, using the stone itself as a measurement guide.
  5. Once fixed in position, the compensator should remain untouched throughout the sharpening process.

When transitioning between stones, adjust the pivot point to match the thickness of the next stone. This adjustment retains the angle of the horizontal shaft, ensuring consistent and accurate sharpening results.

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