Convex Mini-Adapter kit

Convex Mini-Adapter kit

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Convex Mini-Adapter kit for knife sharpening, compatible with Hapstone R2 and V8 sharpener are easily fitted to the abrasive holder using an internal fixing screw, requiring a 3mm screwdriver.

They provide maximum sharpening angle offsets of , and 12°. These adapters ensure that the angles change evenly across the full width of the bevels, resulting in a lenticular shape during the sharpening process.

Made of aircraft aluminum, the adapters are anodized for increased durability.


  • Convex Mini-Adapter for 4° - 1pc.
  • Convex Mini-Adapter for 8° - 1pc.
  • Convex Mini-Adapter for 12° - 1pc.
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