Stone Holder for Work Sharp Precision Adjust 6" (Gen 2)

Stone Holder for Work Sharp Precision Adjust 6" (Gen 2)

  • $29.00

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Work Sharp Precision Adjust is a fantastic sharpener. However, it's limited by stock sharpening stones mounted on the proprietary holder.

6" Stone Holder for Work Sharp Precision Adjust overcomes the limitation. As of today, you may use any 6" sharpening stones including Venev Centaur and Venev Ursa Series dual-side diamonds, and any Edge Pro form-factor stones (with mounting).

Important! Before you make a purchase, please keep in mind the 6" Stone Holder cannot eliminate fundamental constraints of the knife sharpener designed for 4" stones. The stone travel range will be limited to approximately 4". We recommend changing the stone orientation frequently to avoid inconsistent stone dishing. To solve the problem completely, you need to extend the travel range. It can be done with KakBritva blade clamp with GearConnect adapter.

Note. It's very important to keep a sharpening angle consistent. The angle should not change when progressing to the next stone. If the thickness changes, the sharpening angle changes. Unchecked, this can ruin your sharpening. Use a digital angle gauge to monitor the sharpening angle when you replace a stone in the stone holder. Use the angle adjustment knob of the sharpener if necessary.

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