Hapstone CBN Recommended stones set

Hapstone CBN Recommended stones set

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Hapstone CBN Recommended stones set  

These stones are made from elboron powder (cubic boron nitride). The Hapstone Premium CBN uses an organometallic bond, which is close to a metal bond in terms of wear resistance, but the bar runs softer on this bond. The set is also complete with Start Series electroplated-bonded elboro stones, which provide high performance for roughing the knife.

The stones are mounted on a blank made of high quality aircraft aluminum.

There are 6 grit sizes in the set

  • Hapstone Start CBN  (200/160 mkm) 100 grit 
  • Hapstone Start CBN (100/80 mkm) 220 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium CBN (40/28 mkm) 400 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium CBN (20/14 mkm) 800 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium CBN (10/7 mkm) 1500 grit 

Benefits of sharpening knives with Hapstone Premium CBN stones:

· Comfort in work — the stone is hard enough but comfortable in work. It is often compared to Japanese water stones, but Hapstone Premium CBN is ten times more durable than them.

· Unpretentiousness — stones for knives made of boron nitride do not require additional care, which cannot be said about natural and synthetic stones for sharpening of knives. These bars do not require the application of cutting fluids (coolants).

· Delicate processing — CBN grains work softer and more productively, while not leaving unwanted scratches on the cutting-edge during the sharpening of a knife. This is due to the fact that CBN has an octahedron-shaped crystal structure — it has more cutting edges, but corners are less sharp, which gives a good mirror result. 

· Versatility — the presence of bars of different grain sizes, but of the same size (150x24x5mm, the thickness of the working layer – 3 mm) allows to change the stones depending on the stage of processing without changing the angle of knife sharpening:

· High performance of CBN for knife sharpening — an excellent result is achieved due to the concentration of 100% CBN grain of CBN1 type. 

For finishing, we recommend to use Gunny Juice diamond suspension.


  • Hapstone Premium CBN work size: 150x24x3 mm
  • Hapstone Start CBN work size: 150x24x2 mm

  • Hapstone Premium CBN blank size: 160x24x5 mm
  • Hapstone Start CBN blank size : 160x24x3 mm

  • Hapstone Premium CBN bond: Metal-organic
  • Hapstone Start CBN bond : Galvanics
  • Material: CBN (cubic boron nitride)
  • Concentration: 100%

For refinishing we recommend using:

Gunny Juice 9, 6, 3, 1 micron at the finishing stage.

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