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Norton stone set

Norton stone set

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The Norton stone set is the perfect solution for quickly and efficiently sharpening knives in a variety of steel types such as stainless, plain and carbon steels. Consisting of three high quality stones, this set provides the perfect combination of grits for a quick sharpening process rather than a full sharpening cycle. Recommended coolant - Dan's Honing Oil


  • Norton India Coarse

FEPA-F 220 (100/80 microns).

The first stone in the set is designed for the initial phase of sharpening, providing rapid metal removal and restoration of dull blades.

  • Norton India Fine

FEPA-F 800 (7/5 microns).

The second stone provides a finer sharpening action, suitable for medium sharpening.

    • Idahone Ceramic Fine

    FEPA-F 1500 (3/2 microns).

    The third stone in the set offers the possibility of polishing and final sharpening. It is used to achieve the highest level of blade sharpness.

    This set of Norton stones is ideal for quick knife sharpening, this set is well suited for beginners.

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