Pikal Care metal polish tube 150 gm

Pikal Care metal polish tube 150 gm

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Pikal Care is an emulsified white alumina-based metal polish. It contains very fine-grit alumina particles which help polish a variety of metals to a high luster. We recommend Pikal Care for maintaining mirror-polished knives or polishing silverware, barware, plastic, glass, etc. The gentle abrasive will help any surface shine more brightly. Pikal Care may also be applied to various stropping mediums such as denim, leather, canvas, balsa wood or newspaper and left to dry before stropping knives to achieve a very keen edge.

To use this polishing compound, apply some to a paper towel or soft rag and gently rub the desired area until the surface imperfections are gone. The rag or paper towel will become black during use but this is normal. Wipe the surface of whatever you're polishing at the end to make sure it's polished to your liking and repeat if necessary.

About this item

  • Metal Polish Cream
  • Materials: 25% Alumina, Fatty Acids, Kerosene, Surfactants
  • Tube Dimensions: 1.97" x 0.76"​ x 1.65" (5 x 1.94 x 4.2cm)
  • Package Included : 150g x 1 pack
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