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Naniwa Dressing stone large

Naniwa Dressing stone large

  • $20.00

Tags: Tools, Dressing, Hapstone, Stone


NANIWA Nagura dressing stone is a vital tool for knife sharpening when using whetstones and is available for purchase on the Hapstone website.

When working with stones of lower granularity or grit (<1000), the nagura dressing stone is gently rubbed against the stone to create a slurry, enhancing the sharpening process. For stones with higher granularity, the nagura serves the purpose of cleaning the stone and addressing any minor hollows or damages on the sharpening surface.


  • Grit: 600 JIS
  • Weight: 220g
  • Dimensions: 65x47x32 mm
  • Made in JAPAN

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