Venev Scorpion Series Diamond 100%

Venev Scorpion Series Diamond 100%

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Venev Scorpion Series Bonded Diamonds are used for sharpening knives on Hapstone/KME and WorkSharp guided knife sharpeners. Diamond sharpening stones offer excellent performance in sharpening knives of any steel. 

Scorpion Series consists of a 2 mm-thick diamond-bearing layer on a 5 mm-thick aluminum base. The diamond-bearing plate contains evenly distributed diamond grains with resin bonding. The manufacture of bonded diamonds is more complex than for coated diamonds. Bonded diamonds provide better feedback and give the sharpening stone a much longer lifespan.

The OCB version of Venev Diamonds utilizes a brand-new yellow binder with no abrasive particles in the composition. OCB is available in fine grits only and offers better scratch-free sharpening results.

All Venev diamonds use FEPA-F grit classification. Scorpion series is available in 7 grits from F 60 to F 1500. F60 to F 240 utilize legacy binder with 100% diamond concentration. F 400 to F 1500 utilize OCB binder with 100% diamond concentration.

  • Product size: 100 x 25 x 6 mm (4" x 1" x ¼")
  • Working surface: 100 x 25 (4" x 1")
  • Weight: 32 g (1 oz)
  • Abrasive: Synthetic Diamonds with resin bonding
  • Extra materials: Aluminum
  • Flatness tolerance: up to 0.2 mm

How to use

Venev Diamonds are recommended to be used with water as a lubricant for the best feedback. The diamond does not absorb water. Splash water on the stone's surface. Dry usage is an acceptable practice, although it results in faster wearing and speeds up stone loading.


  • Are Scorpion diamonds thicker than KME Gold diamonds? Will my sharpening angle change?

    Like most of KME compatible stones on market, Scorpion diamonds are thicker than 5-mm thick KME diamonds. It's essential to keep the sharpening angle consistent using digital angle gauge, KME thickness compensator, or sharpie marker.

  • I have KME Gold diamonds. What Scorpion grit should I use after KME Gold 1500?

    If you plan to use the Scorpion series, we recommend eliminating KME Gold set from progression completely. Following coated diamonds with fine waterstones is risky. Coated diamonds leave deep scratches that impossible to remove with fine waterstones.

  • How to compare grit values of Scorpion series and KME Gold?

    The micron rating of KME Gold diamonds is undisclosed. Our estimation is 9 microns for KME Gold 1500. However, because coated and bonded diamonds work differently, building a mixed set is complicated.

  • Do I need to lap Scorpion diamonds?

    Lapping improves the sharpening quality of fine OCB diamonds, but it's not mandatory. Lapping can also eliminate the break-in period after purchase.

  • Which type of diamond is better bonded or coated?

    Coated diamonds (KME Gold) have all the diamond grains on the surface, maximizing performance. Bonded diamonds (Scorpion)  spread the diamond grains over their whole volume, and work in a similar fashion to conventional waterstones. Only bonded diamonds can be flattened, lapped, repaired, or refreshed. Bonded diamonds have much better feedback and a longer lifespan. The main argument against coated diamonds is creating a deep scratch pattern even in fine grits. Bonded diamonds create a more uniform scratch pattern.

  • All diamond manufacturers and all knife sharpener brands I know use coated diamond technology. Doesn't that mean it's better?

    Coated diamond technology is developed due to its lower cost. Bonded diamond technology is more expensive. Coated diamonds can be used dry which is very appealing for inexperienced users who want to do the occasional sharpening.

  • What happened with Hydra Series, former Venev diamonds for KME?

    Hydra series was not planned to happen. It was a lucky coincidence that KME diamond size 4" x 1" or 101.6 x 25 mm was so close to one of the Russian industrial standard sizes for diamonds - 100 x 25 mm. We launched KME-compatible Venev diamonds without substantial investments.  Unfortunately, a new series named Hydra later had critical flaws. Hydra was discontinued.

  • What is the difference between Scorpion and Hydra? 

    Scorpion series utilizes a thicker aluminum plate (5 mm vs 3 mm).  12-months testing confirmed that thickness increase eliminates internal bending (main flaw) and insufficient total thickness (4 mm are hard to use on KME). The flatness tolerance for the Scorpion series is 0.2 mm just like other series (Hydra was 1 mm). Hydra was launched in the pre-OCB era with the legacy binder in all grits. Scorpion series utilizes OCB in fine grits.

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