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Hapstone T1 Adjustable Angle Guide for Knives

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The market is flooded by $10 Chinese angle guides. They all look the same. And they share the same problems: they damage sharpening stones, and they are damaged by sharpening stones. And you cannot choose the angle.

Hapstone T1 Adjustable Angle Guide is different. You can set any desirable sharpening angle in a wide range (approximately 13°-30°), and the angle will be consistent during the sharpening on the sharpening stone. T1 Angle Guide slides on the surface of your working table and does not damage the sharpening stone.

T1 Angle Rod does not have a user's manual.

  • You can use one of two pairs of rods: short rods for very acute sharpening angles or long rods for regular sharpening angles.
  • Use the hex key to clamp your blade.
  • Use a sharpie marker or a digital angle gauge to set a desirable sharpening angle.
  • Set the sharpening angle independently for both sides.
  • Be sure that the working table and the sharpening stone are 100% flat, and the sharpening stone has a constant thickness. Otherwise, T1 Angle Rod will not work.
  • Readjust T1 Angle Guide when switching to another stone.

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