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Edge Pro Diamond Matrix Stone Set for Edge Pro 152 x 25 mm (6" x 1")

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Edge Pro Diamond Matrix Stones are used for sharpening knives on and Hapstone knife sharpeners. Diamond sharpening stones offer excellent performance in sharpening knives of any steel.

The full set includes all 6 grits from 80 to 4000.

Matrix Diamonds consist of a 1.6 mm-thick diamond-bearing plate on an Edge Pro aluminum base. The diamond-bearing plate contains evenly distributed diamond grains with resin bonding. The manufacture of bonded diamonds is more complex than for coated diamonds. Bonded diamonds provide better feedback and give the sharpening stone a much longer lifespan

Matrix Diamonds are recommended to be used with water as a lubricant for the best feedback. The diamond does not absorb water. Splash water on the stone's surface.

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