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Hapstone V7

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Hapstone V7 is another modification of Hapstone popular sharpener line with improved design of some functional units. Hapstone V7 sharpener retained from previous models the extended options originally included into the package – three-point guide, narrow clamping frame for stones, angle gauge holder and  parking hook. Pivot unit with pressed-in PTFE insert ensures smooth shaft movement and does not require lubrication and cleaning. Extended base ensures maximum stability of the sharpener. The knife is mounted on neodymium magnets hidden under a layer of soft rubber. This allows you not to hold the knife with the second hand during the sharpening process.

Hapstone Pro V7 has undergone several modifications in relation to its previous version (Pro V6). It made it better, more functional, more reliable and easier in operation.

  • High-precision universal stone holder and pivot rod of Square design with built-in digital angle gauge holder
  • Pivot unit and pivot rod holder of Square design with “zero wobbles” inserts.
  • Anodized coating for extra durability
  • Suitable for sharpening stones up to 8 inches (210 mm)
  • Any sharpening angle in a range from 11 to 47 degrees
  • All basic parts including thumbs are made of metal
  • Thickness compensator of Square design allowing for sharpening stones of different thicknesses
  • Three-Point Guide for a high-precision knife positioning
  • Light-alloy horizontal shaft for better pressure control during the sharpening process
  • Full compatibility with Edge Pro and KME stones
  • Rubber covered blade table to protect your knives from scratches
  • Detachable strong neodymium magnet to facilitate knife fastening
  • Rubber coated supporting legs that can be used on any surface
  • No-tool assembly for fast deployment and mobility
  • Parking hook for horizontal shaft
  • Metal pivot unit with PTFE insert provides smooth shaft movement and requires no lubrication or cleaning
  • Spring for quick changes to the sharpening stone
  • Stopper rings to limit the movement of the horizontal shaft
  • Wooden handle to make time-consuming work a little easier


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