Hapstone Start Diamond

Hapstone Start Diamond

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Hapstone Diamond Plates are made in Edge Pro form-factor and is used for sharpening knives on Hapstone compatible guided sharpening systems.

Diamond Plate consists of a diamond-bearing nickel plate mounted to a high-quality aluminum blank with laser engraving. Electroplated diamond provides rapid metal removal. Work surface size 150x25x3mm.

Hapstone Diamond Plates are available in five grit variations. 

  • 100 JIS grit
  • 220 JIS grit
  • 400 JIS grit
  • 800 JIS grit
  • 1200 JIS grit

  • How to use

    Hapstone Diamond Plates are recommended to be used with water as a lubricant for the best feedback. Clean or rinse after use, and store in a dry place in between use to prevent any oxidation on the metal matrix.

    Diamond Plates are ferromagnetic and should not be used on magnet-based knife sharpeners.

    For refinishing, we recommend using
    Hapstone Silicon Carbide Blocks : 1000/2500
    The pre-finish is a semi-synthetic Hapstone 4000.
    The finish is Gunny Juice 9, 6, 3, 1 micron.

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