Jende Resin Bonded Diamond

Jende Resin Bonded Diamond

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 Jende Diamond Resin Stone is available in 5 grits:

  • 15 Micron - 1000 grit
  • 9 Micron - 2000 grit
  • 6 Micron - 3000 grit
  • 3 Micron - 6000 grit
  • 1 Micron - 15000 grit


  •     Stone size: 150x24x3mm
  •     Blank size: 160x24x3mm
  •     Acrylic layer: 150x24x3mm
  •     Bond: organic
  •     Material: diamond
  •     Concentration: 100%

Diamond resin stones work on all steel types and even ceramic knives and are designed to clean up and continue to bring the edge to a mirror finish after coarser Jende diamond plates.

Jende Resin Bonded Diamond 15 Micron (~1000 grit) is an excellent cleanup stone to remove deeper scratches left by coarser plates and stones. It can also be used for routine maintenance and sharpening. This stone leaves a very good working sharp edge.

Jende Resin Bonded Diamond 9 Micron (~2,000 grit) further refines the edges from the 15-micron diamond resin stone and can be used for light repair and general maintenance sharpening. It leaves an even better quality work sharp edge. The 9-micron diamond resin stone also begins to polish and sets things up for further refinement sharpening and polishing.

Jende Resin Bonded Diamond 6 Micron (~3,000 grit) begins to refine and polish the edge leaving a high level of sharpness and some very good shine. The 6-micron diamond resin stone is best for maintenance, sharpening, preparation for full-out mirrors, and further refinement.

Jende Resin Bonded Diamond 3 Micron (~6,000 grit) is a keystone slicing-edge and mirror polishing. It is an excellent touching-up stone and sets the edge up for the 1 micron or further refinement with stones, strops, or Jende diamond films.

Jende Resin Bonded Diamond 1 Micron (~15,000 grit) takes the mirror and edge of the 3 microns to the next level with just enough room to go a little further with 20K stones, strops, and emulsions up to 0.025 microns, or Jende diamond 0.5-micron films.

 Jende diamond resin stones are splash and go and are meant to be used with water. Let them air dry between use. The size is 1" x 6" x 6mm in size, and it comes mounted to a standard 1x6 blank that fits the Hapstone sharpening systems.


-- Use a moderate amount of water when sharpening with this stone to avoid the black swarf buildup. A cleaner surface will cut faster than one with a lot of swarf.

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