Poltava (PDT) Metallic Diamond Stone

Poltava (PDT) Metallic Diamond Stone

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Diamond Stone on copper-tin bond of Poltava Diamond Tool (PDT). Monolayer grit on a blank for Hapstone sharpeners

The stones are on the new M1001 binder - improved binder of 2021, in which nickel, titanium is added, which allows the stones to work longer and less greasy!

Diamond stones are the most productive, efficient, and durable among abrasive stones. High performance and efficiency is achieved by using 100% diamond concentration, and durability is due to the metallic Copper-Tin bond that holds the diamond grains firmly in place while working.

On coarse-grained stones  (50/40, 100/80, 200/160) diamond powder of the highest strength AC32 is used, on fine-grained stones (3/2, 7/5, 14/10, 20/14) diamonds of brand ACN are used, which provides softness of work.


  • Purpose: for all types of work, from rough sharpening to polishing;
  • Abrasive: artificial diamond (grade AC32 and ACN);
  • Bonded: copper-tin (M1001);
  • Diamond concentration: 100%;
  • Size of the "working" surface: 150 x 25 mm;
  • Layer thickness: 3 mm;
  • Stones size with blank: 160 x 25 x 6 mm;
  • Blank: aluminum;
  • Chamfer: made;
  • Prepared for work: ready;
  • Engraving on the blank: official engraving of Poltava diamond factory;
  • Packing: firm blister, passport;
  • Coolant: oleic acid, oil or WD-40.

Hapstone is an authorized representative of PDT - you can rest assured that you are buying original PDT products


stones of the PREMIUM series are brought to the same thickness within 3,0-3,1 mm and chamfered. They have a record service life up to 3000 sharpening cycles and more. Diamond stones do not need to be prepared before use, the stones is immediately ready for work.


The stones is designed for manual sharpening of knives, hazard razor blades, chisels, etc. The stones are restored by salting with pumice or silicon carbide powder on a flat surface.



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