Hapstone Start Diamond stones set

Hapstone Start Diamond stones set

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Hapstone Start Diamond stones are designed for use in hand-held grinding machines such as. Diamond sharpening stones are great for sharpening knives made of any steel. The Hapstone Start Diamonds sharpening block consists of a diamond plate with a working surface of 152x25mm with a thickness of 1.6mm, which is glued on an aluminum blank with a size of 160mm, 4mm thick, with beveled dovetail ends. The abrasive layer contains a diamond abrasive uniformly distributed throughout the volume with a high filling density and a very narrow sieving range.

Very fast and aggressive metal removal thanks to electroplating. They work much faster than any other Diamond. And because of the multiple plating layers, they last many times longer than cheaper counterparts.

There are 5 grit sizes in the set, from roughing to finishing:

  • 100 JIS grit
  • 220 JIS grit
  • 400 JIS grit
  • 800 JIS grit
  • 1200 JIS grit
For refinishing, we recommend using
Hapstone Silicon Carbide Blocks : 1000/2500
The pre-finish is a semi-synthetic Hapstone 4000.
The finish is Gunny Juice 9, 6, 3, 1 micron.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning the Hapstone diamond surface with ethanol if it becomes dirty or dull. If deeper cleaning or trimming is necessary, silicon carbide powder and glass or naguru 240 grit can be used.
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