Shapton Pro (Kuromaku)

Shapton Pro (Kuromaku)

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Shapton Pro (Kuromaku) sharpening stones are used for sharpening knives on Hapstone  knife sharpeners. Shapton Pro is a high-end series from Shapton made of aluminum oxide with the magnesia binder. The magnesia binder gives Shapton Pro excellent sharpening quality and performance, and high wear resistance.

All Shapton Pro stones are 6 mm thick and are mounted on high-quality aluminum blanks.

Shapton Pro series stones are universal and can be used to sharpen knives of any steel including high carbon, vanadium, and chromium steel.

Shapton Pro stones are preliminarily lapped and do not require lapping after purchase.

Shapton Pro should be used with water as a lubricant. Do not soak Shapton Pro stones in water for more than a few seconds. Just splash, or use a water spray. Never store stones in water. Never dry near heat.

White #120 - Extra Coarse
The White #120 stone is formulated for quick steel removal. It can quickly sharpen chipped or pitted edges. The scratch pattern will be coarse but very consistent.

Moss #220 - Very Coarse
The Moss #220 is formulated for quick steel removal in stainless and powder metals. It leaves a softer scratch pattern than the coarser #120.

Blue-Black #320 - Coarse
The Blue-Black #320 is formulated to remove high-carbon steel with a much cleaner scratch pattern than the #120. This stone is a very good intermediate step before the #1000. The #320 retains its shape very well.

Orange #1000 - Medium/Coarse
The Orange #1000 is a very popular intermediate stone. Great for moderate stock removal. This stone is good to use prior to polishing.

Blue #1500 - Medium
The Blue #1500 is a slightly finer intermediate stone. It still has a reasonably fast stock removal rate yet still starts to polish the edge.

Green #2000 - Medium
The Green #2000 stone is a very popular finer intermediate stone. It still has a reasonably fast stock removal rate yet starts to polish the edge. It will turn a clean burr. 

Wine #5000 - Fine
The Wine #5000 stone is the first polishing stone. It can still remove some metal but is primary a polishing stone. It is more dense than most stones.

Melon #8000 - Very Fine
The Melon #8000 is a very nice polishing stone. Shapton spent thousands of hours on research and development on this stone to make it perform up to their standard. It will leave a very fine polish with a microscopically fine scratch pattern.

Yellow #12000 - Extra Fine
The Yellow #12000 was originally designed for fine woodworking tools requiring an extremely fine edge. It will leave a bright mirror finish. It is a serious polishing stone.

Purple #30000 - Micro Fine
The Purple #30000 is a truly one of kind stone. Each stone is individually crafted, requiring more than 20 hours of processing. With a.48 micron particle size, the #30000 is the finest sharpening stone in the world.


  • Product size: 160 x 22.5
  • Working surface: 152 x 22.5

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