Idahone Mini Sharpener with handle 7"

Idahone Mini Sharpener with handle 7"

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The Idahone Mini Knife Sharpener is a compact and efficient device to keep your knives sharp. It combines excellent workmanship with ease of use, providing a reliable and effective sharpening action.

One of the main features of this mini sharpener is its medium grit rod. The rod is 3.5" inches long, making it easy to operate the sharpener and get high quality results. The medium grit, rated around the 400-500 range, provides the best balance between removing excess metal and keeping the blade sharp. This achieves an excellent balance between sharpness and blade durability.

The design of the Idahone mini sharpener is compact and comfortable. The overall length of the device is 7" inches, making it ideal for travel, camping or kitchen use. The compact size makes it easy to store and carry, and makes it easy to hold the sharpener in your hand.

One important detail of the mini sharpener from Idahone is the oak handle. Oak is a strong and durable material that gives the device a pleasant tactile feel and attractive appearance. The handle provides a confident and comfortable grip when sharpening knives, which contributes to the safety and accuracy of the process.

Idahone's Mini Knife Sharpener is a reliable and compact tool that will help you keep your knives in great shape. With its medium grit stem and quality oak handle, this sharpener will be indispensable in the kitchen or during outdoor activities.
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