LUXOR Polishing Compound

LUXOR Polishing Compound

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LUXOR line is a world awarded brand in high-quality polishing. LUXOR pastes are appreciated for their excellent final polished results. The product line covers all the polishing operations: preparation, polishing, finishing, super finishing.

The exclusive formulation and tight particle size distribution make LUXOR one of the best stropping compounds.

Weight - 110 gr.


  •     70% - abrasive (aluminum oxide).
  •     30% - binding material.

The advantages of LUXOR polishing pastes:
- High-quality selected raw materials. The paste consists of a mineral binder and aluminum oxide (other manufacturers use cheaper iron oxide). It does not contain any animal fats. The remains of the paste from the products easily washed away in an ultrasonic bath.
- The huge percentage of abrasive material in the paste - up to 70% (other pastes have only 30-35) allows for significant savings in paste and processing time.
- Very precise size of abrasive particles (the method of second-by-second deposition is used for their obtaining), which allows you to get a guaranteed flawless result.
- Good adhesion to polishing wheels. Do not dust. The workplace is clean.

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