Self-adhesive sanding tape

Self-adhesive sanding tape

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Self-adhesive abrasive sheets consist of a strong 125 micron (1/8 mm) base in the form of a polyester film with a water-resistant aluminum oxide coating applied to it. The bonding grain is very elastic and the abrasive layer holds its shape well even on very sharp bends. Abrasive treatment of metals with films has a significant advantage over other types of grinding or polishing.

The abrasive grain layer in this case is applied on a thin and soft base of polymer material (even softer than the bond of traditional organic-bonded brushes - bakelite, vulcanite or glyphthalic). This dampens the effect of the largest grains in the scattering, they go deeper into the base material than the finer grains. As a result, sharpening with films leaves perfectly uniform uniform scratches on the substrate, without any parasitic ribs.

This effect is very difficult to achieve with stones. Also the addition of oil-based coolants and adhesive type pastes like DIALUX give excellent results. Blue DIALUX works well with the thinnest abrasive films at 1µm, 3µm and 5µm.

White DIALUX is excellent for 9μm and 12μm films. On coarser films of 15µm and 20µm, you can use gray DIALUX paste. DIALUX paste, when worked on, polishes the metal surface and also cleans out the metal sludge that clogs and masks the parasitic scratches left from the previous processing steps. Abrasive sheets are easily cut with scissors or a knife to the required size and can then be glued to any profile surface made of plastics, glass, stone, wood, etc. oil- or water-based. However, to extend the life of the film and to obtain a better cleanliness of the treated surface, it is recommended to use different lubricants.

To use polishing films on manual grinders, they are applied to glass blanks or glass blanks that are glued to aluminum blanks - for better fixation in the abrasive holder. Use for sharpening on hands involves gluing films on large surfaces, for example, on a platform of artificial stones with glass. Film size 150x25 mm

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