Tape for stones 24мм

Tape for stones 24мм

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Double-sided adhesive tape 3M 90080 is a non-woven backing with acrylic adhesive applied on both sides. It has high initial tack and high adhesion to a variety of materials, including various types of abrasive materials, aluminum and plastics with low surface energy. Used for bonding abrasive stones to Edge Pro blanks.

  1. To glue a bar onto a blank, you must sequentially perform the following steps:
  2. Make sure the block and blank have a level, flat surface. Adhesive tape is not suitable for gluing uneven surfaces.
  3. Stick the sticky tape onto the block, pressing down firmly.
  4. Trim excess.
  5. Degrease the blank (with white spirit or equivalent).
  6. Make sure the block and blank are dry.
  7. Remove the protective liner from the tape.
  8. Carefully combine the bar and the blank so that the "overhang" one after the other is symmetrical. It is most convenient to keep the form at the bottom and the bar at the top.
  9. Press the bar firmly against the blank once.

The glue base has a thickness of only 160 microns: on the one hand, this is small enough not to create a springy effect, on the other hand, glue of this thickness will adhere well to rough bars. The adhesive base is waterproof.Adhesive tape 3M 90080 is suitable for gluing any water stones based on aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, aluminum ceramics and natural stones.
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