Why buy Hapstone ?

The Hapstone  sharpening system is the latest development from Hapstone, and it compares favorably with its predecessors. Perhaps its main advantage, and a real gift to users, is its ability to be assembled without the use of additional tools - all assembly and installation operations can be done by hand. Also, the Hapston Pro sharpener provides increased sharpening angles (from 11 to 44 degrees). An important advantage of this model is also its reduced weight and increased stability.

We should not forget about such an important accessory for the Hapston Pro sharpening systems as the swivel mechanism, which provides for turning the knife right during sharpening. Using the swivel mechanism allows Hapstone not to remove the knife from the sharpener, thereby providing maximum convenience and reducing sharpening time. Hapstone Pro knife sharpeners are designed specifically for home use and are suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

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