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You can always get comprehensive information about the abrasives and types of grinding system you need.

A few words about us

Since 2012, we have been diligently improving Hapstone sharpeners for you.

We are a group of people who have been sick with knives for a long time. And those who, back in 2012, realized that the existing solutions of sharpening systems do not suit us. With the desire, experience and technical ability, we decided to create the first Hapstone sharpener. Then it was called Hapstone PRO

Since then, we have been actively improving our sharpeners, listening carefully to your wishes. You can always contact our experts with any question on sharpening topics. Regardless of your goals, we will always find the perfect solution for your specific task

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This unit puts the perfect edge on any and every knife you have. I had to warn my wife that I had sharpened all the cooking knives in our rack. Every knife we own, now has an edge that makes slicing vegetables so easy, I feel like Bobby Flay. Now I now why chefs the world over spend serious dollars to have super sharp knives in their kitchen!
love it! I can finally get the edges I want.


Anton Kulizhko
Owner. Sales, and Marketing
Stas Markin
Owner. Development and production
Vladimir Chobotok
Assembly manager. HR manager
Artyom Soroka
Production manager