Plywood Storage Case 30 stones

A large organizer for storing grinding stones. It is designed for 30 stones. The organizer is treat..

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Stone Holder for Work Sharp Precision Adjust (Gen 2)

Work Sharp Precision Adjust (Gen 2) is a fantastic sharpener. However, it's limited by stock sharpen..


Universal Stone Holder for KME

The new revision  of the stone holder is equipped with auto-aligning jaws, a digital angle gaug..


Universal Stone Holders for Professional Precision Adjust

Universal Stone Holder for Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust is equipped with a digital angle..


Case for Stones

Wooden storage case made of plywood holds and protects your stones.The case is compatible with ..

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Small Whole milled angled clamps Hapstone (Pair)

Small Whole milled angled clamps Hapstone RS  are made from a solid piece of aircraft-grade alu..


Universal Angled Clamps for Hapstone R2 (Pair)

Universal Angled Clamps for Hapstone R2 and Hapstone Rotating Module can be turned inward (for ..


Central Y-Shaped Clamp for Hapstone R2

Y-Shaped Central Clamp for Hapstone R2 and Hapstone Rotating Module utilizes flexible flat spri..


Whole milled angled (fillet) clamps Hapstone (Pair)

Whole milled angled (fillet) clamps Hapstone are made from a solid piece of aircraft-grade..


Extendable Magnetic Table (V8 Module)

Extendable Table Module for Hapstone Modular Platform and Hapstone R1 is useful for sharpening ..


Idahone Dogbone Mini Sharpener

Our unique Dog Bone Sharpener is a compact two rod ceramic knife sharpener that has fine and course ..


Rotating Clamp Module (R2 Module)

Rotating Clamp Module for Hapstone Modular Platform is a module delivering the ultimate combina..


25-mm Loupe with LED

Triplet Loupe is the simplest tool of optic control of knife sharpening. A loupe gives the ability ..


Chisel adapter

Fastening for sharpening of chisels for sharpeners R2, M3 and Pro V8 of the Hapstone machine series...


Portable digital microscope x1000

This digital microscope allows you to see even the smallest details in high resolution, right on you..


USB HD Digital Microscope x1000

Digital USB microscope 1000X Digital Microscope - USB is a compact moderndevice that is able to magn..


Vertical support for M3 and V8

The vertical support unit for Hapstone's M3 and V8 series grinders is an effective low-cost option t..



VIJIM VL66 LED Light is a perfect companion for knife sharpening. VL66 can be attached to a sharpeni..


Convex Adapter for Hapstone

Convex Adapter is a tool for sharpening knives with the convex edge using Hapstone modular knife sha..


Hapstone Lighting System

Hapstone Lighting System consists of two metal sections, with pivoting ball joints that provide a hi..


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