Black Shadow

Black Shadow - Grain of 12000-15000 grit, very dense and hard stone for finishing razors, knives o..


Charnley Forest

Charnley Forest Slate is one of the most famous and rare stones from the UK. Unlike most of the..


Green Shadow

Green Shadow - Grain of 8000-10000 grit, dense and hard stone for finishing razors, knives or other ..


Pierre La Lune

The return of  La Lune Razor hones, brought to us by 1Stone in France.After years of geologic..


Belgian Blue Whetstone

Belgian Blue Whetstones (BBW) are used for finish sharpening on Hapstone knife sharpeners. BBW ..


Norton Queer Creek

Queer Creek are used for medium sharpening on Hapstone sharpeners. Queer Creek stones are mounted on..


Tsushima Black Water Stone

The legendary Tsushima Black Stone, found on the seabed of the Sea of Japan, has a medium to medium-..


Washita Lily White Pike (Hard)

Washita sharpening stones are used for sharpening knives Hapstone knife sharpeners. Although Wa..


Llyn Idwal (Grecian hone)

Llyn Idwal - Welsh shale (England). Closest relative of Charnley Forest. Named Llyn Idwal after the ..


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