Small Whole milled angled clamps Hapstone (Pair)

Small Whole milled angled clamps Hapstone (Pair)

  • $59.00


Small Whole milled angled clamps Hapstone RS  are made from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized in black.
Anodizing is used to improve the corrosion resistance and strengthen the aluminum surface structure.

The knife is fixed with one screw that is convenient and fast (in contrast to Universal angled clamps for Hapstone ) These clamps also have an undercut for sharpening knives with a full flat grind.  

This type of clamp provides the greatest rigidity when sharpening. With these clamps, it becomes possible to sharpen knives with Scandinavian descents of kitchen knives, fixes, and EDC knives.
These clamps are also suitable for fillet knives

Compatible with Hapstone sharpening systems:

  • Hapstone RS Series
  • Hapstone R Series
  • Hapstone V Series

  • Maximum blade thickness: 0.3" (6 mm)
  • Minimum sharpening angle: 12°
  • Maximum sharpening angle: 30°

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