Chisel adapter

Chisel adapter

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Fastening for sharpening of chisels for sharpeners R2, M3 and Pro V8 of the Hapstone machine series. By means of this fastening it is possible to realize sharpening of chisels and glands of a plane and other similar cutting tool in rather wide range of angles from 11 to 45 degrees. 


The chisel holder is mounted on a platform for interchangeable nozzles and fixed on it with two bolts. The tool is pressed to the holder with a clamp, which has 6 holes for mounting, which allows you to securely fasten the blades of different configurations (straight and inclined end chamfers) and width. The maximum width of the tool which allows to clamp the holder - 71 mm. For comfortable fixing of the tool with handles it is necessary that the length of a working part, for example, a chisel was more than length of a bed (more than 92 mm) that the handle did not interfere with clamping on all plane of a cloth. 

The sharpening angle can be set by the position of the hinge of the horizontal guide on the vertical rack.

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