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Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion 7ml

Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion is a very effective method of honing and polishing the cutting edge of..

From: $16.00

Jende Resin Bonded Diamond

 Jende Diamond Resin Stone is available in 5 grits: 15 Micron - 1000 grit 9 Micron - 2000 grit ..

From: $65.00

Jende Diamond Plate

Jende Diamond Plate is adhered to a 4mm piece of Acrylic to give the stone a similar thickness to ..

From: $39.00

Jende Nanocloth Strop

Jende Nanocloth is a synthetic stropping material that has no weave, so feedback is the same in all ..

From: $21.00

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