Proper knife sharpening or why knife sharpeners are important

When buying a knife, especially an expensive one, it is worth buying a good sharpener or sharpening set. Do not believe the stories of sellers about self-sharpening or perpetually sharp knives - they are just a marketing ploy to encourage you to buy it. No matter what material the knife is made of, over time its sharpness will disappear. Only collector's knives do not get blunt because they are always on the shelf and the only thing that threatens them is dust. Only the knife that has never been used will always be sharp.

So, any knife sooner or later will have to be sharpened, and it is extremely important to do it correctly. Obviously, no sharpener or even the biggest sharpening set will do all the work for us. It is also true that quality sharpening without a good tool is unlikely, especially if we are talking about a heavily blunted knife made of hard, abrasion-resistant steel. Therefore, if you decide to buy a sharpening stone or a device for sharpening knives, it is worth making sure that the tool you choose is fully consistent with the type of knife and the material from which it is made. Proper knife sharpening is not just a matter of removing excess steel from the blade, but a kind of art worth mastering.

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