Washita Lily White Pike (Soft, Fast)

Washita Lily White Pike (Soft, Fast)

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Washita Lily White Pike (Soft, Fast)

     Today, such a sharpening stone is very rare. Since the rock deposit was completely depleted, even before the middle of the last century. And those copies that we can find now, already from home to museum exhibits. But nevertheless, we did it for you!

The stone works very quickly and very uniformly. And most importantly, it has a rare abrasive range, covering almost all stages of sharpening, from the finishing stage of geometry formation to almost the pre-finishing stage of the entire sharpening. What can be adjusted is the amount of coolant and the pressure on the ground surface. In other words, if you do not need to change the angle or grind large chips, you can sharpen the cutting tool with almost one bar.

 Also, due to the balanced hardness, the stone has an excellent response. That is, how the stone works is very well conveyed tactilely and by the sound of its work. The best use of stone is in the middle sharpening stage.

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