Edge Pro Diamond Matrix stones set

Edge Pro Diamond Matrix stones set

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Edge Pro Diamond Matrix stones are designed for use in hand-held grinding machines such as. Diamond sharpening stones are great for sharpening knives made of any steel. The Edge Pro Matrix Diamonds sharpening block consists of a diamond plate with a working surface of 152x25mm with a thickness of 1.6mm, which is glued on an aluminum blank with a size of 160mm, 4mm thick, with beveled dovetail ends. The abrasive layer contains a diamond abrasive uniformly distributed throughout the volume with a high filling density and a very narrow sieving range.
The bar bundle is organic. All of this provides exceptional performance, excellent tactile response and long life for the Edge Pro Matrix Diamonds. Edge Pro Matrix Diamonds are recommended for use with water as a coolant. Edge Pro Matrix Diamonds does not absorb water, so a splash of water is enough to get started. 
Edge Pro offers the following grit sizes for Matrix Diamonds: 
  • Extra Coarse - 80 grit; 
  • Coarse - 250 grit; 
  •  Medium - 650 grit; 
  • Medium - 1100 grit; 
  • Fine - 2300 grit; 
  •  Extra Fine - 4000 grit. 
If the working surface of the Edge Pro Matrix Diamonds is dirty or dirty, the manufacturer recommends cleaning it with ethyl alcohol. For deeper cleaning or trimming of the bars, silicon carbide powder and glass or 240 grit cleaning nagura can be used.

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