Gunny Glow Smart Cleaner

Gunny Glow Smart Cleaner

  • $17.00

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Gunny Glow is the world’s first smart cleaner. It cleans without ruining the surface you’re attempting to clean. Gunny Glow is a proprietary blend and process of mixing graphene and TiO2.

This cleaner is not a solvent. It breaks bonds on a nano level.

This causes dirt, grime, oil, paints etc. to release or let go of the bond they have to a surface. The other substance in the blend act like a sponge or a magnetic and draws the substance into the liquid. Then you take a rag or preferably a microfiber and wipe it clean. If it doesn’t come clean with the first wile spray and repeat. This works while it’s wet. Allowing it to soak is unnecessary.

This is a revolutionary cleaner, unlike anything on the market. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals in it. The harshest chemical is isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This works like magic front cleaning shoes or stains.

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