Dual Side Glass Lapping Plate Hapstone 10x4"

Dual Side Glass Lapping Plate Hapstone 10x4"

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Dual Side Glass Lapping Plate Hapstone 10x4"x 1/2" (250х100х12 mm). One side of the glass is etched to be used with lapping powders to flatten the sharpening stones. It is 0.5mm deep and makes the plate much more aggressive for lapping with the lapping powders. It also allows for swarf runoff, minimizing stiction on finer grit stones. 

The other side is perfectly smooth and flat. It can accommodate a half wide sheet of full sized sand paper or lapping film, and can be used as a reference plate for knives, chisels, planes.

To use the lapping side of the plate, wet the surface of the glass, but don't pool any water. Lightly sprinkle the desired powder grit evenly across the surface. Pre soak your stones if necessary, then mark the surface of the stone with a grid pattern in pencil. Lap with even pressure using an X pattern until pencil marks are removed. 

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