Arashiyama 6000

Arashiyama 6000

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Arashiyama 6000 Grit stone for use in Hapstone type sharpening machines has dimensions 150x25x6 mm, glued on 3 mm thick aluminum blank, finished and fully ready for use. The Arashiyama 6000 Grit stone is water based, the recommended coolant is pure room temperature water.

It is recommended to soak the stone in water for 5 minutes before any use, be it sharpening or leveling. Arashiyama 6000 Grit stone has an open, unimpregnated structure, it actively absorbs water and retains it very well. It takes a long time to dry. The stone contains active components that adsorb sludge, so it practically does not get dirty. Sludge from the surface of the stone can be easily removed with running water without additional efforts. If necessary, Arashiyama 6000 Grit stone can be leveled on glass or silicon carbide powder.

All stones are 6 mm thick and are mounted on quality aluminum blanks.

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