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King Hyper

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    Matsunaga is one of the oldest manufacturers of sharpening stones in Japan and is known not only for its King brand, but also for producing stones under the Sun Tiger name. Thanks to their long-time presence in the Western market, King and Sun Tiger stones have become well known and were among the first sharpening stones exported from Japan to foreign countries.

    King stones are made with classic technology and occupy the niche of the most affordable sharpening stones in Japan. Despite this, they cover most of the needs of the Japanese market for chefs. The attractive combination of price and quality makes these stones especially attractive. Matsunaga's King Hyper series is not budget-friendly.

    It represents the pinnacle of the stone class and is Matsunaga's answer to manufacturers such as Naniwa, Shapton and Suehiro. Moreover, compared to the prestigious manufacturers, the King Hyper series represents an innovative solution in a sharpening stone market that traditionally changes slowly, and each new offering in this segment is considered a significant event. Matsunaga's designers took the latest advances in abrasive technology into account when creating the King Hyper stone series.

    The launch of the King Hyper on the market caused a real furore, allowing the King brand to come out of the shadows of elite manufacturers and strengthen its position in the segment of high-end sharpening stones. The King Hyper Series stones, like their affordable predecessors, have a relatively soft bond and a pleasant tactile feel during use. Their cutting properties can be seen and felt when they come into contact with the surface. This type of soft stone requires regular alignment, which can be done on special platforms or on glass with silicon carbide.

    King Hyper 1000  grit stone is part of the main sharpening stage and does most of the work of shaping the geometry and cutting edge after the deburring stage. Before each use (whether it is sharpening or leveling), the stone should be immersed in water for 2-3 minutes to allow it to saturate with moisture.

      King Hyper  Japanese water stone, 152x25x6 mm, created by Matsunaga of Osaka, Japan.

      • Grit : #1000
      • Size: 150x25x6mm

       King Hyper 2000grit stone is good for finishing kitchen knives, in which case the knife becomes aggressive, it will easily graze the surface of "uncomfortable" foods, such as tomato or meat veins. The knife after finishing with this stone has a very pleasant tactile response and a high aggressiveness of the cut. Before any use (sharpening or leveling), the stone should be soaked for 2-3 minutes.

        • Grit : #2000
        • Size: 150x25x6mm

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