Hetinax Strop

Hetinax Strop

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Tags: Stropping compounds, Paste, Strops


Hetinax is a layered pressed material with a paper base soaked in phenol-formaldehyde resin (also known as Bakelite). Bakelite material is one of the most common bases of organic binding for abrasive bars. It is why hetinax has all the needed properties to be used as a lapping surface in sharpening. Bakelite is tough enough to withstand bar abrasion and distortion of its geometry effectively, yet soft enough to caricature abrasive grains and damp excessive pressure on the bar with a sharpened tool. An aluminum blank with a hetinax layer is the perfect lapping for the finishing of the cutting tool, starting from 14 micrometers down to the thinnest grains (0.1 micrometers). Meanwhile, large grains from abrasive sieving easily deepen into the hetinax when pressed without causing parasitic risks on the treated surface. So, this treatment option provides a very high risk for sharpening and refining. To work with hetinax on the blanks, you can use diamond and CBN pastes (for instance, Poltava or Venevsky factory pastes). We suggest using Gunny Juice with hetinax on the blanks. (Hetinax is the best foundation for Gunny Juice polycrystalline emulsions)


Hetinax on an aluminum blank is completed and ready for use.