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Vertical Rod (Gen2) for Hapstone R2/V8

Vertical Rod (Gen2) for Hapstone R2/V8

  • $67.00

Tags: Hapstone, Accessories, Tools


Limited edition vertical guide for Hapstone R2/V8 sharpeners is an intonation upgrade designed to improve the efficiency and convenience of knife sharpening on Hapstone sharpening systems. 

New bearing:

A feature of the new model is also the use of a bearing that is mounted at the bottom of the vertical shaft. This allows smooth and easy 360 degree rotation of the shaft.

Modernized pivot block with parking:

An added benefit of the Limited Vertical Rail is the availability of a spherical block that has a bearing change-out capability. This allows users to easily install any bearing, you don't need tools, just a 50 cent coin to loosen the screw.The upgraded parking block is designed to hold the horizontal rail securely in place, allowing for easy locking of the horizontal rail.

This vertical rail is available in a limited edition, giving it a special status.


  • Hapstone M3
  • Hapstone R2
  • Hapstone V8

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