Hapstone R2 Opti Knife Sharpener

Hapstone R2 Opti Knife Sharpener

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Hapstone R2 Knife Sharpener is the new knife sharpener from Hapstone, supplier of successful Hapstone R1. Hapstone R2 on par with Hapstone V8 and Hapstone M3 is part of the Hapstone Modular Platform, innovative technology to let customers configure and upgrade the sharpening system with no limitations. Hapstone R2 is kitted with the cutting-edge rotating clamp module and delivers the ultimate combination of high precision, rich features, and scalability to knife sharpening enthusiasts.

Hapstone R2 Opti is the main-stream kit in the sub-$300 price segment. R2 Opti features 2x whole milled angled clamps Hapstone are made from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized in black.

Anodizing is used to improve the corrosion resistance and strengthen the aluminum surface structure.

The clamps can move along the entire length of the rotating clamp module Hapstone, which allows you to install a knife to 30 cm in length.

The knife is fixed with one screw that is convenient and fast (in contrast to Universal angled clamps for Hapstone R2) These clamps also have an undercut for sharpening knives with a full flat grind.

This type of clamps provides the greatest rigidity when sharpening. With these clamps it becomes possible to sharpen knives with Scandinavian descents of kitchen knives, fixes and EDC knives.

These clamps are also suitable for kitchen knives and sirloin knives

  • Shortened, designed for sharpening thin knives, for minimal bite;
  • Standard, designed for all types of knives


  • Diameter: 115 mm
  • Grinding width: 20 mm 2 pieces.
  • Maximal bevel: 35°.
  • Minimal bevel: 8° (In order to reach the maximum angle of 8°, use shortened screws on the castors)

Hapstone Modular Platform

  • Hapstone Modular Platform and all modules can be purchased separately
  • The base with the pedestal stand for modules
  • Pivot unit with the full 360° rotation and parking hook for the guide rod
  • Linear ball-bearing provides smooth guide rod movement and requires no lubrication or cleaning in heavy-duty usage
  • Auto-adjustable universal stone holder with built-in digital angle gauge holder
  • Suitable for sharpening stones up to 6 inches (160 mm) including Edge Pro and KME formats
  • Light-alloy horizontal shaft for better pressure control during the sharpening process
  • Wooden handle to make time-consuming work a little easier
  • Rubber coated supporting legs that can be used on any surface
  • Available now: Rotating Clamp Module (Hapstone R2)
  • Available now: Extendable Table Module (Hapstone V8)
  • Available now: Small Table Module (Hapstone M3)
  • Available now: Scissors Module

Hapstone R2

  • Rotating clamp module with the crossbar for multiple clamps
  • Adjustable flipping strength
  • Any sharpening angle in a range from 8° to 35° degrees (*)
  • Max blade length 12" (300 mm), max thickness 1/4" (8 mm).
  • Available now: Angled Universal Clamps (R2 Standard and R2 BLACK)
  • Available now: Y-shaped Central Clamps (R2 Classic)
  • Available now: Straight Side Clamps (R2 Classic)
  • Available now: Short Lite Clamps (R2 Lite)

* The sharpening angle range varies between different clamps and blades.

Hapstone R2 Kits

  1. Platform
  2. The vertical and horizontal rod
  3. Linear ball-bearing pivot unit for Hapstone
  4. Rotating clamp module for Hapstone
  5. Whole milled angled clamps Hapstone ( 2 pcs.)










If you already have a collection of sharpening stones, or if you plan to purchase stones of your choice, choose the "no stones" option.

How to use Hapstone Sharpener

Hapstone R2 knife sharpener is shipped disassembled and requires assembling. Refer to the Quick Start Guide.


We provide a 5-year warranty on Hapstone M3 knife sharpeners. You can be sure of the reliability of the devices and support from the manufacturer for the entire period of use.


Why new Hapstone sharpeners don't support 8" sharpening stones?
Haptone has 8" stones support since the first version of Hapstone PRO. The best stone form-factor today is 6" Edge Pro. All new knife sharpeners must support it. 8" stones support is declared useless and economically unreasonable.

I want to use my 8" bench stones. I will buy a sharpener with 8" stone support.
You will not use 8" bench stones even if your sharpener supports 8" stones. Bench stones are too heavy and obstruct visibility.

Hapstone R2 is smaller than Hapstone R1. Does it mean R1 is better?
Hapstone R2 becomes smaller for one reason - 8" stone support has been eliminated. The main stone form factor is 6" Edge Pro. Hapstone R2 becomes 2" smaller and lighter.

Hapstone R2 is much cheaper than Hapstone R1. Does it mean R1 is better?
Hapstone R2 is available in 4 different kits in different price ranges. Hapstone R2 Classic is the successor of Hapstone R1: triple clamp configuration, fine-tuning adapter, and spring-assisted stoppers. Hapstone R2 Classic is cheaper than Hapstone R1, but the price difference is not big. At the same time, Hapstone R2 has a better stone holder and better clamps.

How to use new clamps on Hapstone R1? Can I upgrade R1 to R2?
All new clamps and the new rotating clamp module are incompatible with Hapstone R1. The adapter is in development. Hapstone R1 owners will get it for free with the purchase of a new rotating clamp module.

Country of origin Made in Ukraine
Manufacturer Hapstone
Sharpener Features
Kit -Whole milled angled (fillet) clamps Hapstone (Pair)
Max blade length Max blade length 12" (300 mm), max thickness 1/4" (8 mm)
Sharpening angle Any sharpening angle in a range from 8° to 40° degrees
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